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Payroll administration is referred to as all the tasks required for the organization of employees’ compensation for their working time. This involves keeping track of total hours worked by staff, payment rate and managing of employees’ payment. Due to the widespread of commission system to boost business performance and productivity, a dedicated payroll administrator is necessary to insure precise payroll management service for all staff.

Value added tax or VAT is an indirect tax levied on the amount of money which is added in every stage of production or distribution of products or services, this will be submitted to the Tax authorities in accordance to the consumption of goods and services.

Many small to medium-size enterprises as first and second tier suppliers are making prioritized investments into Vietnam. It is due to the fact that Vietnam reveals business potential for international companies, especially those which involved in a larger supply chain in order to provide goods and service in Asia region. Therefore, it is significantly important to understand the main taxes of Vietnam imposing on business, notably corporate income tax (CIT).