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As a business owner, in order to keep your small business in operation, you are required to fullfill various task to help it effectively run. You will face a wide range of day-to-day responsibilities; therefore, it is highly advised that you outsource the work of accounting and bookkeping to specialists. The accounting and bookkeping service for small business are one of S4B Vietnam’s key strength. Our service has been trusted by hundreds of clients, helping them to focus on managing the business and rest the numbers asured in our experts’ hands.

In Vietnam, one of the key challenges facing business owner is the ever-elvolving lanscape of requirements and standards. Therefore, experience and foresight are cruical to achieve your business’ tax objectives. As a leader of the whole organisation, it is your responsibility  for choosing the apporiate tax and accounting agency, helping your business to move forward smoothly.

For anybody who is considering a career as an accountant, luckily you have a bright future ahead. Accountants play a key role in the success of your organization. They are crucial to help their clients organize and manage one of the most important business issues – finance. In every aspect of your accounting including filling their taxes, writing financial summaries or books keeping, the accountant is the one who hold the ability to affect their business decisions.

The services involving outsourcing chief accountant in Vietnam is one of the key professional accountancy services of S4B Vietnam. In every country, all types of company from small to big need to hire a competent accountant. Especially in the case of Vietnam, the ever-changing in requirements and policies regarding accounting and financial environment highlights the need to have a chief accountant. According to the current Vietnamese law, accounting apparatus is legally required at company level. Therefore, the chief accountant is crucial to any business. If there are no accountants and chief accountants under company’s labor contract, business should sign the contract with a credible accounting company.

Liability for income tax for a foreign person is legally determined by his or her residence status. If he or she has been residing in Vietnam for more than 182 days in a tax year, or this individual has rented a house/ apartment/ villa without proof of being tax resident under another jurisdiction within the same period, then a tax-resident of Vietnam is determined and his individual’s worldwide income is subject to Vietnamese tax. On the other hand, an individual is regarded as a tax non-resident if these above criteria are not met by this person. Therefore, only the Vietnam-sourced income is subject to Vietnamese tax.