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In order to do business while abiding with Vietnamese Law, business owners are required to have some knowledge about VAT (Value Added Tax). According to the VAT Law, the tax will be imposed on the value added to goods and services emerging from the process of production, distribution and consumption in the country. The VAT law is also subjected to goods and services overseas.

In Vietnam companies, the Chief Accountant is an individual who is responsible for the process of reviewing, approval and singing accounting the company’s vouchers and documents. According to the Law, a qualified Chief Accountant holding international/national Certificate of Chief Accountant is required to fulfill the accounting task at company level. Another option is to appoint a chief accountant service provider such as S4B Vietnam which provides trusted professional services to businesses.

Official notices have recently been issued by The Vietnamese government in order to clear up administration penalties. All firms and entities in Vietnam region should update themselves with latest changes in the policy to fully understand the penalties. Moreover, partnering with a reputable accounting agency like S4B Vietnam to ensure compliance is highly advised.