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Accounting is just one piece of the gigantic puzzle that makes a small business successful. However, a corporate, even small business can not run smoothly without an accountant, because the hard truth is that your finance is the lifeblood of your company. These days, we received a handful of questions about cash discount. Does that an account reduce your revenue? Today's article we will discuss the issue named cash discount.


Tax accounting is an accounting work to record tax-related activities. The purpose is to calculate tax fully and on time and make reports to the tax office in accordance with the law. In the process of implementation, accountants can't avoid errors. If they encounter even minor errors, it can lead to a lot of troubles for businesses, even potentially great consequences. In this article, S4B would introduce you some errors that accountants should pay attention to when declaring taxes.


If your business is in way of looking for Smart Solutions for problems of Tax ang Accounting, S4B is completely satisfy your requirements and guarantees to help you to achieve your business goals, showing companies way to success. With more than 10 years of establishment and organization, S4B has proved its dominant position as the trusted partner providing professional services of accounting and tax compliance which are considered as one of the most key indicators of financial heaths of every enterprise.

Experience more than 10 years of establishment and operation, S4B has made itself a significant role in Vietnamese market as a trusted tax and accounting problems solver for all of the business.
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Established since 2007, S4B – the Smart Solution for Business Companies Limited is becoming the most trusted partner to almost companies, from large ones like corporations to small ones such as startups. The company is specialized in providing accounting and tax compliance service to foreign invested companies in Vietnam in professional ways. With the foundation of team which is full of extensive experience consultants who have relevant qualifications that could find out the most effective and practical solutions for your problems.

S4b - Smart Solutions For Business Company Limited is a company which is established in 2007 and specialized in providing accounting and tax compliance services to foreign invested in Vietnam in a professional way. S4b has proved itself to be the most trusted partner for all types of businesses.